Construction Management Lake Almanor

Building a new home can be extremely complex and time consuming involving numerous people, companies and municipalities. For an Owner who is absent most of the time such as the design and construction of second and third homes or who is in-experienced with the multi-faceted process implementing Construction Management can smooth over much of the process.

Construction Management can come in a variety of levels depending on the size of the project and the needs of the owner. Bill Reid of Reid Residential LLC practices what is knows and CMa or Construction Management Adviser also knows as Agent. This role acts as an extension of the owner and the sole responsibility of the CMa is to serve the owner and care for the project. Below is a short list of the primary areas a CMa can assist in and making a difference for the owner.

Construction Management Lake Almanor

  • Site Selection & Analysis

  • Scope of Work Statement Development

  • Design Professional Procurement and Interface

  • Design Feasibility & Constructability

  • Budget Establishment & Value Engineering

  • Prime Contractor, Sub-Contractor and Supplier Sourcing

Construction Progress
Construction Management Lake Almanor

  • Construction Scheduling

  • Site Surveillance and Documentation

  • Quality and Conformance Inspections

  • Cost and Budget Administration

The Construction Management process can be tailored to each Owners needs and commonly is driven by Owners presence and knowledge of the design and construction processes.

Meet Bill Reid – Reid Residential

Home Inspections & Construction Management Lake Almanor

Bill ReidAs a licensed general contractor since 1994 my focus has been entirely residential large scale remodeling and construction of new single family homes. The foundation of my experience stems from my company, RemodelWest, which I established in 1992 as a Design and Construction Company. Over the past twenty five years I have overseen the architectural and interior design of hundreds of projects from original inception to obtaining city/county approval. Within my core competency is the supervision of Architectural/ Interior Design staff and Construction personnel. This experience provides deep insight to translation of project plans and documents, implementing designs into projects, the inner workings of homes, construction methods and strength in identifying construction deficiencies. My core strengths are: Residential Design, Residential Construction, Architectural and Structural Plan Review, Estimating with software based program, Project Management, Construction Scheduling, Job Cost Tracking, Owners Agent, and Subcontractor Supplier interface. I enjoy utilizing software tools to perform many of my duties centralizing all aspects of a project and inspection documentation.

Visit Bill Reid’s active Design and Construction Company, RemodelWest, to see projects designed and built over the past 25 years.